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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kitchen Swap

I am sooo happy to finally be able to post what I received from the Kitchen Swap.   I really had wished to of been able to post sooner but "life" got in the way.

So here are pictures of the awesome things that I got from my new "kitchen buddy"...
I love this plate...Ava was right..it does remind me of my wildflowers from back home!!

Without my family I have nothing...they are my whole world. I can't wait to hang this pic in my new house.

Sorry this pic. isn't that great my camera was having a hard time with the shine of the cookbook. This is a cookbook from the church that my swap buddy attends. I love this!!!!  My daughter was very excited, she can't wait to pick out a reciepe and try it!!

Ok..this about sums it up..I have a perfect spot in my kitchen window for this frame.
Thank you so much for the wonderful thoughtful gifts.
I hope that everyone else had just has much fun as I did!!!

Have a wonderful, blessed week!! Thank you Ava!!!


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